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Oxyfuel Cutting: Effect of Oxygen Purity

PCI Gases’s Erin Meehan and Frank Vonesh recently authored an article comparing the use of vacuum swing adsorption (VSA) oxygen to the use of cylinder oxygen for oxyfuel cutting steel. Depending on equipment set-up, VSA oxygen has the capability of performing at higher cutting speeds than cylinder oxygen can. To access the full published article from […]

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PCI’s DOCS 80 Supplies Oxygen to Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery

We are very pleased to be a part of the Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program. Recent changes in the Colorado River system have endangered species of fish. Willow Beach National Hatchery has been given the responsibility to raise threatened and endangered fish native to the Colorado River – namely, Humpback Chub, Bonytail, and […]

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