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A Half Million Kilowatts for the Community

Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico continues to work to ensure that its affiliated nonprofit organizations continue to provide their community services. The work is facilitated when allies and collaborators join these efforts and provide resources to fulfill this objective.

Delivery of an electric generator donated by PCI for the benefit of the YMCA of San Juan

This time the company Pacific Consolidated Industries LLC (PCI), based in California, donated two generators to us that were delivered to the YMCA of San Juan and the Psicopedagógico Institute of Puerto Rico, both nonprofit affiliated organization to Funds United.

Delivery of an electric generator donated by PCI for the benefit of the Psychopedagogical Institute of Puerto Rico

As a result of the humanitarian crisis caused by the ravages of hurricanes Irma and María in Puerto Rico, we have managed to channel a total of 317 electricity generators to help our affiliates and other non-profit institutions to continue offering their services to the communities in the face of interruption from lack of electrical service. For its part, the company Magic Transport collaborated in the logistics to haul the generators. We thank all those who work hand in hand with us in support of our society that needs it so much. UNITED WE FIGHT. UNITED WE GAIN. JOIN THE FIGHT #PuertoRicoViveUnido

Posted June 26, 2018

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