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News Update: Disaster Preparedness and Relief Applications Concerning COVID-19

PCI is a leading supplier of the US Military for oxygen generators and storage systems for their Mobile Field Hospitals (MFH) and Casualty evacuation missions. Over their years of deployment PCI’s solutions have saved many lives.

MOBILE FIELD HOSPITAL-Ground Based Operation:
The Deployable Oxygen Concentration System (DOCS) is an innovative solution to providing oxygen at the point of use. The DOCS Family of equipment is a modern lightweight, self-contained, highly mobile suite of products that can be deployed and operational with minimal logistic support. The Deployable Oxygen Concentration and Distribution System is the state of the art answer to the problem of providing oxygen to Mobile Field Hospitals (MFH).

In-Flight Operations:
The removal of LOX based systems from aircraft enabled PCI to provide a suite of products that addresses the high and low altitude flight based operations and supports trans-oceanic aero-medical evacuation of patients.

Chemical Biological Response:
The unique process that is used to generate oxygen utilizing the DOCS-66 and to store into the Mobile Oxygen Storage Tank (MOST) is the perfect solution for any Chemical Response Biological Response Force operation. The process used to manufacture oxygen, removes harmful chemicals and biological agents before storing it into a cylinder or providing it directly to a patient.