Stored Energy System Servicing Cart (SESSC) is intended primarily for flight line servicing of the F-22 Stored Energy System.


  • Ultra dry air
  • 15 scfm @ 5500 psig
  • Approximately 3000 lbs
  • 83″ Long x 72″ Wide x 63″ Tall
  • Automated purity and pressure control
  • Completely sealed system eliminates contamination
  • Operates on diesel or any jet fuel

Aviation Ground Support Solutions

Environmental Capabilities

  • The diesel powered SESSC will run on diesel fuel, JP-4, JP-5, JP-8, or Jet A
  • On-board analyzer continuously monitors oxygen level (NEW)
  • 900 scf on board storage at 5500 psi
  • Air system pressure is automatically regulated between the specified minimum pressure and 5500 psi
  • Lightweight fiberglass cover is removable by two people with no tools required for total access