Boosters, enclosures, and other accessories.

Oxygen Boosters
Auxiliary oxygen booster available in the following configurations:
Boost 66: 66 lpm, 2,250 psig
Boost 250: 250 lpm, 2,250 psig
Boost 500: 500 lpm, 2,250 psig

Cylinder Fill Station, wall mounted, for 14 “H” size cylinders (100 m3 storage capacity)
PCI P/N 790379-004

Hospital Provisioning Kit (HPK)
Hospital Provisioning Kit (HPK) The provisioning kit includes extra Teflon hoses, additional quick disconnect fittings, tools, pressure gauges and spare parts. The Medical Technician may use these items to customize the installation of the system to meet his hospital configuration requirements and to maintain the system. Frequently used consumable items such as Teflon tape, batteries and connector ferrules are provided.

Peripheral oxygen monitor, paramagnetic
Oxygen connection hoses
Power cords