Innovative State-of-the-Art Technology

PCI has an enviable reputation for our innovative and patented state-of-the-art technology with outstanding product value. Our products enable our customers to produce oxygen and nitrogen at the point of use, and therefore effectively eliminate the logistical supply chain. This point-of-use supply also avoids the detrimental environmental impacts of ongoing product transportation.

To produce oxygen from air, PCI uses a proprietary Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) process that eliminates many of the design problems associated with traditional Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) systems.

To produce nitrogen from air, PCI uses hollow-fiber membrane technology that allows oxygen to permeate the fibers, thus leaving high-pressure nitrogen as the product.

To produce cryogenic oxygen and/or nitrogen from air, PCI uses cryogenic distillation and takes advantage of the different boiling points of oxygen and nitrogen.