To produce oxygen from air, PCI uses a proprietary Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) process that eliminates many of the design problems associated with traditional Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) systems.

PCI’s unique Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) technology has several advantages over the more commonly used PSA process:

  • Use of an oil-free blower, thus avoiding any oil carry-over that is common with oil-lubricated compressors and is great for medical applications.
  • Lower operating pressure minimizes the potential for water condensation.
  • System is not as susceptible to humid environments as PSA systems are.
  • Single-bed VSA process eliminates all process valves and required manifolds.
  • Low operating pressure minimizes sieve (the sieve removes nitrogen from the air) dusting, because the pressure swing is at an order of magnitude lower, which also results in lower operating costs.

Complex PSA Technology

Simplified VSA Technology

PCI's elegant VSA Technology saves operating costs and minimizes maintenance, when compared to other complex PSA systems.

The VSA Adsorber Vessel:

  • Has a much longer service life whereas PSA vessels commonly require repacking of sieve material every 3-5 years. This, again, presents a much lower operating cost.
  • Shows no, or significantly less, degradation of performance at high altitudes, unlike PSA technology.
  • Needs no feed air compressor (> 50% saving vs. conventional systems).
  • Meets the USP 93% standard and can reach as high as 95%.
  • Is a turn-key integrated solution, so there is no need to size / source air compressors, dryer systems, and product or feed buffer tanks.