Oxygen Enrichment at High Altitudes
Oxygen enrichment boosts productivity in high altitudes.

Mountaineers, miners, pilots, and astronomers – people in these professions attest to the irrefutable fact that high altitude affects a person’s physical and mental performances and quality of sleep. This results in impaired performance and productivity for those who work under such conditions. Oxygen enrichment via oxygen concentrators is one cost-effective measure to combat high-altitude conditions in working and sleeping quarters.

With PCI’s VSA (Vacuum Swing Adsorption) technology, our oxygen generators perform¬†significantly better than other systems at high altitudes. The vacuum step of the cycle benefits from the lower partial pressure, which compensates for the extra energy needed in the air feed step of the cycle.

For more information on the importance of oxygen enrichment at high altitudes, click here.


MDOCS 80 208V / 3-Phase / 60Hz or 220V / 3-Phase / 50Hz 80 lpm 20-100 psig 93% +/- 3%
MDOCS 200 460V / 3-Phase / 60Hz or 380V / 3-Phase / 50Hz 200 lpm 20-100 psig 93% +/- 3%
MDOCS 500 460V / 3-Phase / 60Hz or 380V / 3-Phase / 50Hz 500 lpm 20-100 psig 93% +/- 3%