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Overview of DOCS VSA Oxygen Generating Systems

Advantages and cost savings compared to ‘traditional’ PSA technology

PCI has manufactured thousands of oxygen and nitrogen generators for operation in many locations around the world. Its products enable customers to produce oxygen and nitrogen at the point-of-use, effectively eliminating the logistical supply chain associated with delivered products. To produce oxygen from air, PCI uses a proprietary Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) that eliminates many of the design problems associated with traditional Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) systems.


Our innovative VSA system eliminates the need for process valves, feed air compressors, and associated dryers and feed air filtering systems. PCI’s robust VSA process extracts maximum sieve and power efficiencies = low cost (both CapX and opX) high purity oxygen generation.

What are the advantages of using DOCS VSA Oxygen generating systems over PSA Process Technology? PCI’s VSA technology has several advantages that reduce the cost of preventive maintenance and repairs, reducing the operation cost:

  • Uses an oil-free blower, thus avoiding any oil carryover common with oil-lubricated compressors – great for medical applications
  • Lower operating pressure minimizes the potential for water condensation
  • Not as susceptible to humid environments as are PSA systems
  • Meets the USP 93% standard and can be as high as 95%
  • Single-bed VSA process eliminates virtually all process valves and required manifolds
  • Shows no, or significantly less, degradation of performance at high altitude – unlike PSA Technology
  • Needs no feed air compressor (+50% saving vs. conventional systems)
  • VSA Absorber vessel has a much longer service life than PSA vessels – which commonly need repacking of sieve material every 3-5 years – again producing a much lower operating cost

VSA vs PSA Comparison Chart


About Pacific Consolidated Industries

For over three decades, PCI has provided rugged, mobile liquid and gaseous oxygen and nitrogen generating systems for the military, oil and gas, and commercial oxygen markets. Its products enable customers to generate oxygen and nitrogen in the field both inexpensively and reliably, and target applications for which distributed industrial gases are either too expensive or too difficult to obtain. Today, PCI has established itself as a global leader in air separation technology with thousands of systems installed in over 40 countries.

Posted November 29, 2021
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