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PCI Sends Oxygen Generators to India Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

Pacific Consolidated Industries Has Pledged Their Unwavering Support to COVID Stricken Countries

(Riverside, CA) – Over the past year, the world changed forever. COVID-19 ran rampant and is still plaguing countries all around the world. Among the hardest hit is India, which is currently in a medical crisis, with thou sands dying daily from COVID-19, many of which are passing due to insufficient oxygen as they battle COVID 19 at home awaiting medical care, or even in hospital beds in remote areas. The problem is not a question of supply, but access. India can indeed make enough medical oxygen, the problem is getting the oxygen delivered from the large production facilities, which are often far from the remote or rural areas and can take weeks to deliver. 

Pacific Consolidated Industries LLC (PCI) builds oxygen generators, such as the DOCS 500 (Deployable Oxygen Concentrator System), that can generate up to 500 liters per minute of medical oxygen to supply over 150 hospital beds under normal conditions, and up to 80 beds under COVID conditions. The DOCS 500 takes out the lengthy, costly, and environmentally harmful effects of supply chain associated with delivered bulk oxy gen, which can take as long as 2-3 weeks to a remote area in India.  

This week, PCI is delivering 11 oxygen generators to India to be used at hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai, Banga lore, Chennai, Tirupathi and other cities in India to support Covid patients in need of medical oxygen. As death rates increase daily due to a lack of oxygen accessible to COVID patients; these PCI hospital-caliber oxygen generators will provide oxygen for about 300 to 800 beds and could not be arriving at a more crucial time. These particular generators were sponsored by the non-resident Indian community in the USA and logistics were sponsored by ACT (Action COVID-19 Team), a charitable consortium of global companies and startups to fund ideas and actions to lead the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in India. 

PCI and its subsidiaries in India and Brazil will be providing 300+ oxygen generators to hospitals by the end of 2021 to support the battle against COVID-19 in various countries, including India, Brazil, Peru, and the USA during their times of pandemic driven oxygen needs. 

“PCI stands with the people of India and wishes them all the best during these times. PCI is proud to help meet the challenge of providing much-needed oxygen generators to COVID-19 patients in India. Our on-site oxygen generators allow the hospitals to produce their own oxygen for their patients, rather than rely on delivered gases which is a challenge for remote locations or crowded urban centers.” — Soeren Schmitz, Vice President of Oxygen Solutions at PCI.


About PCI

PCI is a global supplier of on-site liquid and gaseous oxygen and mobile nitrogen generating systems for the military, oil and gas, and medical and industrial oxygen markets. Its products enable customers to generate oxygen or nitrogen near their point of use both economically and reliably, and target applications for which distributed industrial gases are either too expensive or too difficult to obtain. PCI is headquartered in Riverside, CA with subsidiaries and facilities in Bangalore, India, Curitiba, Brazil, and Nanjing, China. PCI recently recapitalized with TJM Capital Partners (TJM) to become a TJM equity sponsored company to provide growth re sources to meet the worldwide need for PCI products. TJM is fully supportive of the recent PCI efforts for India in particular. 

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For more information or press inquiries, please contact Soeren Schmitz at or +1-949.463.1744 or Ayan Ganguly at / +91-72596.34041.


Posted May 12, 2021

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