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PCI & Innovasea: Efficient, cost effective and eco-friendly Oxygen Solutions for Aquaculture in Norway

The commercial relationship between Innovasea and PCI makes it possible to deliver an effective, reliable and eco-friendly oxygen solutions for aquaculture and sustainable fish farming operations 

PCI Gases, an American company that manufactures on-site oxygen generators and is distinguished worldwide for the use of its VSA technology, has more than a thousand oxygen equipment installed in different parts of the world.

Innovasea, a company with a global presence, designs the world’s most technologically advanced aquatic solutions for fish tracking and fish farming – and builds them to withstand the toughest conditions.

PCI conducted an interview to John Kleppe, Global Product Manager of InnovaSea in Norway.

Reliable, Eco-Friendly Solutions for Sustainable Fish Farming Operations

Since 2016, Innovasea has been utilizing PCI oxygen generators in their aquaculture facilities, with units currently securing uninterrupted oxygen supply at a growing number of sites. Their decision to choose PCI’s DOCS oxygen generators was driven by the generators’ low energy consumption and PCI’s reputation as a trusted supplier in the aquaculture industry. “We have chosen Docs due to low energy cost and PCI being known as a well known supplier to the Aquaculture Industry”, he pointed out.

According to Kleppe, Innovasea expresses satisfaction with the performance of PCI oxygen generators. They highlight the crucial support received from Tom Saari’s maintaining team and the generators’ consistent performance over time.

– Would you recommend the use of PCI oxygen generators for markets related to the aquaculture industry?

Most definitely as the demand for stable and good generators are crucial for life support as well as high performance for the fish.

– How would you describe the operation of PCI’s oxygen generators in your facilities? What conditions are they exposed to?

Operating in a challenging environment, Innovasea’s oxygen generators are installed on ocean barges exposed to salty air. They’ve also been deployed in hot areas like Hawaii.

Picture: John Kleppe – Innovasea

Regarding the eco-friendly / green technology characteristics to consider:

  • Low electrical consumption and ability to adjust to oxygen demand.
  • Fully oil -free operation, no danger or disposal of oil-contaminated water into the environment.
  • Does not need water for cooling.

-How important is it to you that PCI teams include eco-friendly/green technology features in their processes, and why? Is there any regulation in Chile that promotes the use of this technology?

While the regulations in Norway might not directly apply to this technology, eco-friendly features are still vital. Fish farmers have highly focus on carbon emission as well as low costs of production The avoidance of oil contamination is also a significant concern, making eco-friendly technology a crucial factor in the decision-making process.

Picture: PCI – Innovasea in Norway.

Regarding ambient conditions, Kleppe notes that in Norway, temperatures can range from a maximum of 28 degrees Celsius in summer to as low as -10 degrees in winter. Innovasea has not experienced problems with concentration or flow of oxygen under these varying ambient conditions

To conclude, in terms of improvement recommendations, John Kleppe suggests that PCI maintains competitive pricing in the market and works toward obtaining CE approval for all units (Approval that is currently in process) We thank John for sharing his valuable insights, representing Innovasea, one of our most prestigious customers. Their experiences with PCI oxygen generators are indeed enlightening, and help us to keep improving and learning.

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For more information, contact the following Sales Directors: 

Carla Cardenas. Director, Sales and Business Development, Latin America: cc*******@pc******.com +51 971 451 614 

Tim Boulton. Director, Sales and Business Development, EMEA: tb******@pc******.com +49 1514 4312121

Posted September 21, 2023

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