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PCI & Camp Air: Ensuring Reliable and Efficient Oxygen Solutions for Medical Facilities

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Camp Air has been utilizing PCI’s VSA Medical Oxygen Generating Systems. The demand for reliable and efficient on-site oxygen generation technology from hospital clients prompted this strategic decision. Roberto Silva, Director of Camp Group Companies, shared insights into their experience with PCI’s solutions and highlighted the exceptional performance and reliability they have experienced over the past few years.

“We have been using PCI’s VSA Medical Oxygen Generating Systems since 2020, and our experience has been nothing short of exceptional,” Roberto stated.

Choosing PCI for Unparalleled Reliability and Advanced Technology

Roberto emphasized that the choice to partner with PCI was driven by several key factors. “We chose PCI’s Oxygen Generators for their unparalleled reliability, advanced technology, and the responsive customer service that accompanied them,” he explained. This decision has proven to be invaluable, particularly in critical medical applications where uninterrupted oxygen supply is paramount.

Have you and your organization been satisfied with the quality and performance of PCI’s Oxygen Generators to date?
When discussing the performance of PCI’s systems, Roberto was unequivocal in his satisfaction. “Absolutely. The quality and performance of PCI’s Oxygen Generators have consistently met our high standards, ensuring uninterrupted service in critical medical applications.” he noted. This reliability is crucial for healthcare providers who depend on a steady and safe oxygen supply for patient care.
Would you recommend the use of PCI’s Oxygen Generators for markets related to Medical/Hospital applications?

Roberto’s confidence in PCI’s technology is clear when he discusses its suitability for other medical settings. “Without a doubt, I would recommend PCI’s Oxygen Generators for any medical or hospital setting. Their performance is a game-changer for healthcare providers.”,  he asserted. This endorsement is based on firsthand experience and the positive impact PCI’s systems have had on their operations.

Efficient Operations in Challenging Conditions and technical support

PCI’s oxygen generators have been performing efficiently in various facilities, even under the challenging conditions of the Caribbean climate. “The operation of PCI’s oxygen generators in our customers’ facilities has been smooth and efficient,” Roberto confirmed. This adaptability to diverse environmental conditions underscores the robustness and versatility of PCI’s technology.

Roberto also highlighted the exceptional technical service provided by both Camp Air and PCI. “The technical service from Camp Air and PCI is exemplary. It’s prompt, thorough, and always delivered with a deep understanding of our medical customers’ needs,” he said. This high level of service ensures that any issues are quickly addressed, maintaining the reliability of the oxygen supply.

Commitment to Eco-Friendly Technology

Environmental sustainability is a significant consideration for Camp Air, and PCI’s commitment to green technology aligns perfectly with their values. “It’s extremely important to us that PCI’s equipment aligns with the green technology movement. Their eco-friendly features not only reduce our operational costs but also support our commitment to environmental sustainability,” Roberto explained. This alignment is increasingly valued by clients and supported by regional regulations, enhancing the appeal of PCI’s solutions.

Several factors set PCI’s oxygen generators apart from competitors. “The main differentiating factors for us are the system’s reliability, energy efficiency, low maintenance requirements, and the positive environmental impact of using such advanced technology,” Roberto stated. These attributes make PCI’s systems an attractive choice for organizations looking to improve their oxygen supply infrastructure.

Finally, Roberto offered recommendations for further enhancing PCI’s products. “To continue improving, I would suggest further enhancing the user interfaces for even more intuitive operation and exploring ways to integrate additional remote monitoring capabilities for proactive maintenance,” he advised. These enhancements would further solidify PCI’s position as a leader in the medical oxygen generation market.


Respectfully submitted this 22nd day of March 2024,
Roberto Silva, Director
Camp Group Companies

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Posted May 31, 2024

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