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PCI Gases Unveils New Branding to Support Oxygen and Nitrogen Industry

The re-branding is specifically geared towards enhancing more customer autonomy and sustainability.

Riverside, CAPCI Gases is pleased to announce the launch of its new branding, embodying a commitment to sustainability and the best total cost of ownership in the Oxygen and Nitrogen industry. The rebranding initiative is part of the company’s strategy to reshape the future of Oxygen and Nitrogen supply, offering autonomy and economic benefits to customers worldwide.

Under the banner “Reshape Your Tomorrow,” the new brand reflects PCI Gases’ mission to decentralize Oxygen and Nitrogen supply, maximizing both economic and environmental sustainability. The company’s approach not only guarantees independence and autonomy in supply, but also the best total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry.

“Our new brand represents a significant step forward in our journey to transform the Oxygen and Nitrogen supply landscape,” said Soeren Schmitz, PCI Gases CCO. “It encapsulates our vision of providing reliable, easy-to-use, and sustainable solutions for our customers at the lowest possible cost of ownership.”

Francois Lacombe, the company CEO added: “Our world is facing unprecedented challenges, and at PCI Gases, we believe in the power of innovation to create positive change. Our new brand is at the forefront of this vision, offering businesses and organizations the autonomy to produce their own Oxygen and Nitrogen on-site, on demand, reducing dependency on traditional supply chains, while minimizing cost and environmental impact.”

PCI Gases is excited to embark on this new chapter and invites stakeholders, clients, and the media to join in celebrating the launch of its redefined brand.

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About PCI Gases

PCI Gases is a leading provider of on-site oxygen and nitrogen generating systems, dedicated to delivering cost-effective and sustainable solutions. With a legacy of innovation and excellence, the company serves a wide range of industries, offering customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. With production facilities in Brazil, India and the United States, PCI Gases can deploy its offering across the globe.

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Posted May 31, 2024

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