Oxygen Distribution

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PCI’s Medical Systems Solutions Division offers additional value to our customers by providing storage and distribution solutions that can make the complete cylinder supply chain and associated handling chores obsolete.

Quick Facts

Oxygen Delivery System for Civilian and Mobile Field Hospitals (CODS)
PCI’s oxygen delivery system designed for MFHs uses a modular approach so that it can be easily tailored and scaled to MFH bed capacities.

  • Patient delivery header, each designed for 10 beds
  • Alarm box supply header
  • Straight supply header

Patient Oxygen Distribution Systems (PODS)
A system of flow regulators to mount at patients bedside and multiple hoses with quick disconnect fittings to provide the distribution of the oxygen at a regulated pressure and flow.


Surgical Suite Oxygen Distribution System (SSODS)
Provides oxygen to the surgical suite for operating equipment such as ventilators, respirators and anesthesia machines.