Oxygen Storage

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PCI’s Medical Systems Solutions Division offers additional value to our customers by providing storage and distribution solutions that can make the complete cylinder supply chain and associated handling chores obsolete.

Quick Facts

Medical Oxygen Storage Tank (MOST)
Oxygen storage and distribution system consisting of lightweight, high strength, high pressure composite wound brass lined cylinders secured within a rugged water resistant case.

  • Refillable from any high pressure oxygen supply
  • Deliver oxygen directly to patients in minutes
  • Stores oxygen as compressed gas without loss

Single Cylinder Most (SC MOST)
Ready-to-go multi-patient 19,000 liter O2 storage & delivery system on wheels. Provides almost 20,000 liters of oxygen at 3,000 psig service pressure.

  • No hassle with valves, connectors, or regulators
  • Turn-key system: patient delivery hoses, flowmeters included
  • Up to 3000 psig (200 bar) service pressure

Hospital Oxygen Backup Supply (HOBS)
Designed to provide oxygen continuity in an emergency. Four-legged stand assembly with a manifold unit for grouping up to eight “H” size oxygen cylinders.

  • No moving parts or power requirements
  • Approximately 8 hours of oxygen supply at 120 liters per minute
  • Maximum flow rate is 240 liters per minute