Veterinary Medical

Veterinary Medical


On-site oxygen generating systems have become more and more popular over the past few years as an attractive and low cost alternative to using high pressure oxygen cylinders and/or liquid oxygen as the primary source for a veterinary medical clinic/facility. PCI Gases is a leading worldwide manufacturer of on-site VSA (Vacuum Swing Adsorption) Oxygen Generating Systems for a variety of industrial and medical applications. Our systems are successfully being used in over 70 countries. One of our strongest markets is the Veterinary Medical Industry. Eliminate the expense of purchasing, receiving and monitoring your clinic’s oxygen supply with a PCI Gases System.


Our systems:

  • Safe and attractive alternative to using high pressure oxygen cylinders and/or liquid oxygen
  • Lower your clinic’s operating costs. No more price increases, missed deliveries, etc. Become independent from your current oxygen supplier (no more paying upwards of $400 for an emergency delivery, etc.).
  • PCI Gases’ Oxygen Generating Systems produce continuous medical grade oxygen (93% +/- 3%) based upon USP specifications (United States Pharmacopeia)
  • Fully automatic. Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Systems will operate everything at your facility that requires oxygen: Anesthesia Machines, Ventilators, ICU/Oxygen Recovery Cages, Incubators, Nebulization, etc.
  • Will easily connect to a centralized oxygen pipeline/manifold system at the facility. Oxygen purity monitoring systems are available for peace of mind that the system is operating to manufacturer specifications. In addition, will operate with a back-up oxygen supply (oxygen cylinders) in the event of a power outage or in a rare occasion the system is compromised.
  • Extremely small foot-print required within your facility. Can even be operated outdoors (based upon environmental conditions and manufacturer offering, etc.).
  • Low energy consumption with minimal preventive maintenance procedures required during the year compared to other technologies.
  • Systems will last on average 15+ years. Excellent ROI.
  • Leasing is an attractive option compared to a direct purchase. In addition, IRS Section 179 Depreciation Option allows significant cash to be deducted and ultimately saved by the purchaser.
  • Our systems range from 80-500 Liters per Minute (oxygen flow rate)



MDOCS 80 208V / 3-Phase / 60Hz or 220V / 3-Phase / 50Hz 80 lpm 20-100 psig 93% +/- 3%
MDOCS 200 460V / 3-Phase / 60Hz or 380V / 3-Phase / 50Hz 200 lpm 20-100 psig 93% +/- 3%
MDOCS 500 460V / 3-Phase / 60Hz or 380V / 3-Phase / 50Hz 500 lpm 20-100 psig 93% +/- 3%

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