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How the Use of an Oxygen Generator in Aquaculture can Significantly Increase the Efficiency in the Productivity?

The use of concentrated oxygen in Aquaculture Aquaculture (otherwise known as fish farming), is a rapidly expanding industry worldwide due to the increasing demand for food, particularly fish, driven by market forces. The nutritional value of fish, reduced ecological impact as a protein source and the desire of the population for healthier diets are all […]

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PCI Gases will be exhibiting its VSA Technology in February 2023

PCI Gases to Exhibit its VSA Technology at the following Industry Exhibitions/Conferences during the month of February 2023 Riverside, CA – (February 2, 2023) – PCI Gases, a leading global manufacturer of VSA technology (Vacuum Swing Adsorption) Oxygen Generating Systems, will exhibit at the following industry exhibitions and conferences during the month of February. You are invited […]

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Advantages of PCI Gases VSA Oxygen Generating Systems in the Gasification Process

PCI Gases VSA Oxygen Generating Systems: An Attractive On-Site Alternative to using Liquid Oxygen (LOX) for your Gasification Process Riverside, CA – (January 26, 2023) – The gasification process is accomplished using air or oxygen-enriched air as a partial oxidation agent. The required level of oxygen-enrichment is a function of the desired syngas composition. “Our systems are […]

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PCI Awarded Contract to Secure Medicinal Oxygen in 7 Hospitals in Indonesia

We are pleased to inform you that PCI Gases has been chosen to deliver Oxygen Generation Plants OGPs to secure the supply of medicinal oxygen to seven hospitals in Indonesia. I+Solutions, working on behalf of The Global Fund, has ordered seven fully integrated containerized solutions each including one MDOCS 500 and high-pressure oxygen boosters for […]

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Maintaining your PCI DOCS Systems

DOCS Key Technical Service Tip! A key advantage to PCI’s Deployable Oxygen Concentration System’s (DOCS) is the simplicity of preventive maintenance during the year. While maintenance for a DOCS unit is not difficult or time consuming to perform, it is critical to ensure reliable and efficient operation. By implementing a proper routine and performing the key inspection […]

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PCI wins big tender from Buenaventura mining company in Peru: San Gabriel Project

PCI has recently closed the sale of 3 DOCS 5000 VSA Oxygen Generators! Mining Company Buenaventura SAA, one of our most important clients in Peru, has acquired 3 oxygen generating sets from PCI, with a production capacity of 10 TPD each, to install them in its “San Gabriel” mining unit. This project is currently under […]

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PCI & Covepa: Efficient, Cost-effective and Eco-friendly Oxygen Solutions for Aquaculture in Chile

The commercial relationship between Covepa and PCI makes it possible to deliver an effective oxygen solution for aquaculture, with low energy consumption, does not pollute and does not lose purity at high temperatures. PCI Gases, an American company that manufactures on-site oxygen generators and is distinguished worldwide for the use of its VSA technology, has […]

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PCI Gases participated in FundiExpo 2022, Mexico

PCI Gases participated in FundiExpo 2022 in the City of Monterrey – Mexico, giving a session within the Congress called “Industry 4.0 and the challenges for the modernization of the foundry and the Smart Factory”. The session was held on September 29, where PCI explained how we have developed projects in alliance with MPOT for […]

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Medicinal Oxygen: WHO International Pharmacopoeia PH.INT re-definition

A major milestone: Oxygen 93% is finally recognised as medically equivalent to Oxygen 99% / 99.5%  Concerns that the draft revision of the WHO International Pharmacopoeia would restrict access to medical oxygen are resolved. Past uncertainties caused by separate international definitions of medicinal oxygen dependant on concentration are thus eliminated. Healthcare Authorities, Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals working […]

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USAID donates two PCI’s oxygen generating plants to support the fight against COVID-19 in Haiti

[Port-au-Prince] – The United States government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), donated two PCI Gases’s oxygen generating Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) plants to Haiti. These oxygen generating plants will play a critical role in the national emergency response to COVID-19 by serving more than 750,000 people in hard-to-reach areas of northern Haiti. […]

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