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2 DOCS 200 for Salmones Antartica successfully installed in Southern Chile 

We are pleased to announce that we have once again successfully introduced our VSA technology to the southern region of Chile!

Salmones Antartica, a prominent and important company in the Chilean aquaculture industry, specializing in the production of salmon and trout -both vital export products from Chile- has recently acquired two DOCS 200 units from PCI Brazil. These two DOCS units will be used for trout farming and they have been successfully installed in open-channel tanks, where oxygen is injected to maintain optimal conditions for the trout. Covepa, our distributor in Chile, facilitated the delivery and operation of these units in Coreo and Peral Pisciculture installations from Salmones Antartica, located in Los Angeles, Chile.

VSA Technology

To produce oxygen from air, PCI uses a proprietary Vacuum Swing Adsorption (VSA) process that eliminates many of the design problems associated with traditional on-site gas separation systems (PSA). Our innovative VSA system eliminates the need for process valves, feed air compressors, associated dryers and feed air filtering systems. Our robust VSA oxygen process extracts maximum sieve and power efficiencies = low cost (both CapX and OpX) high purity oxygen generation. Oxygen produced is 93% purity. Additional product/systems features include load following, remote monitoring and diagnostics along with an industry only 10-year warranty on the adsorber bed vessel. Average life span of our systems is 10-15+ years.

About PCI Gases

Pacific Consolidated Industries (PCI Gases) is a company based in Riverside, California USA that manufactures on-site air separation equipment to produce oxygen. Since 1984, this equipment finds its use in markets such as Medical, Environmental/Biological, Industrial, Oil & Gas and Military, to name a few. Since the introduction of our Commercial Oxygen Division in 2007, we have built over 1000 systems successfully operating in over 50 countries. We also offer a timely and dedicated aftermarket division to support every customer in the field with their respective system. PCI is an ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 13485-2003 organization. PCI Gases is a leading global manufacturer of VSA Oxygen Generating Systems (Vacuum Swing Adsorption), offer the DOCS (Deployable Oxygen Concentrator System) as an attractive and safe on-site alternative to using liquid oxygen (LOX) or other oxygen technologies for your gasification process. Our systems range from 340 lbs. per day to 20 tons per day (oxygen flow rate). For more information, please visit

A PCI Gases VSA Oxygen System allows you to produce oxygen when and where you need it.

For more information, contact the following Sales Directors:

Carla Cardenas. Director, Sales and Business Development, Latin America: +51 971 451 614 


Posted September 22, 2023
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